'As a photographer you must be present on social media to be able to make it, get people to know you, sell your brand, become an influencer, be creative'
All of the above might be true and then it might not. I left Social media as I didn't like the world it was turning into. I actually felt restricted around what I could post, say and even the way I would composite my photos. Yes it sounds crazy and thats another reason it wasn't doing me any good. I work hard to keep my head on my shoulders, I don't do mental health as I ensure I do things to not have that control my life. 
I was so stuck allowing Social media apps control the way I feel, it had an impact on my family. The world involved around me posting to instagram, searching Twitter for news on the latest trend or headline. All for what? to get angry by a comment from @john6996 from Basildon? 
It was quite clear, I was addicted...Addicted to the Instagram mainly. No matter what I tried to do, reduced the amount of time I was on the app...nope didnt work...Post less...nope didnt work...set a time for Insta time...no didn't work. I had to quit plane and simple otherwise it would be another 'Goes on phone to send an email, next thing I know I've been scrolling my feed for the past 15 mins doing nothing' I had to quit, I had to just come away from it. 
16th December
It's December 2021, I always take a break around this time of year, away from social media a time for family. This was different. This was for a long spell no coming back from this one. I'd already been off Insta for about a week or 2 so I was getting used to not posting. 
I contacted 2 pages that I was running at time, one of the pages I just said I was leaving with no intention of returning to the page. 
This was it, would I wait until the new year and delete the apps or just do it? 
On the 16th December I just deleted my apps, not before I changed all passwords on the account or at least got the wife to do it. I was done, Social media no more

What next?
First up I have a project in place. Something to keep me going, a focus if you like. I've also spent hours on my website...all for me, not some dude in San Francisco. I've also read 2 books and onto my third, I've not read a book in years (I'll put a list of them somewhere). 
Its made me feel so good, actually amazing. I feel less tired, focussed and less of a stress head (still can be one from time to time). I've also had a bit more to just chill and my photograph is taking another step, I feel a lot more confident. I'm comparing myself to me and not to the latest post by another photographer...
I'm in no rush to get things done, 2022 is about building the foundations and I've already dug the trenches. 

Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. 
If you don't fail you're not even trying - Denzel Washington

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