The Cyclist, very honoured to have my photo on the front cover of a book. Really glad to help the author out with images for this book and his website. DS George Cross and his awkward social ways caught me the first time I read Tim's book. As a cyclist myself I was intrigued what twist the book would take. It's also based in Bristol so reading recognisable places is always fun. Brilliantly written, so much it got me back into reading again.
One man and his bike, never have I read a book and been taken away on an adventure as much as this book. Dreams of riding along the Scottish paths looking at the views Scotland brings around every corner. Mike breakaway is my heaven not a care in the world. I did find that some of the stories were cut short, for example the drunk vicar and how he got him home for me just needed a little extra but I suppose thats just me and wasn't really needed. It's about the cycling not the drunk vicar. Great book...
Land Rover, the story of the car that conquered the world, not only the longest title record holder but a bloody good read. I blame this book for my random knowledge of everything Landy. The stories of adventures to search out those various types of Land rovers just caught my imagination. If you're a petrolhead then grab yourself a copy 
Also check out the section planes-trains-and-automobiles you might spot a few green machines
A year of mornings, I bought this book from an Oxfam charity shop as I needed a book to read on holiday. I got home, flicked through a few pages and couldn't put it down. The story of 2 people living 3191 miles apart sharing photos of their morning is really good. If I ever feel I need something to give me ideas this is my go to book for quick reference. I flick to the relevant season and there we go. It's not full of "bangers" just stories.
Check out this page where I'm trying to replicate it
The Street photographers manual, I'm a phototgrapher and this helped me think more about photography. As the book above I open this to help me think about another way to take a photo. I wouldn't say I'm a street photographer or a portrait photographer, why restrain yourself. I take photo's of everything simple. Great book to read the small projects if you're feeling in a slump.
The Photography Storytelling workshop, to be honest I read this a while back and need to revisit. I totally understand where's it's coming from. Your photos need to tell a story, a simple photo of the same spot won't do. Make the viewer think about what is happening, where have the come from, where are they going?
I'll reread it after my current book and let you know the outcome.
Gut, the inside story of our body's most under-rated organ, everyone should read this book. Every you thing you put into your body will have an impact on how you feel. Just changing your diet will make you feel 80% better, full of energy and ready for the day. What you eat can also improve your general well being, don't believe me, read the book.
Vivian Maier, The untold story of the photographer nanny, really interesting found I was taken back by the photos. Lots of images very similar to my own style. The book goes into more details around her life, family and her work. There is a Netflix documentary about her as well that is well worth a watch. 
Vivian took thousands of photos just for the fun of it and never really got any printed or put them in an exhibition, a collector, John Maloof acquired some and along with a few others that have some popped them on Flickr and the rest is history. Check out the Netflix film if you don't have time to read the book
Hit me up with some suggestions of books to read 
Thank you!

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