Hey I'm Tim, I've been taking photos for about 6 years now. I enjoy the buzz I get behind the camera, snapping that moment that will always serve as a memory for me or a client. 
Growing up in Bristol in the underground music scene I spent many an evening listening to the sounds of Hip hop, Drum n bass, house and going to various club nights, parties, festivals and the occasional illegal rave. Looking back I wish I had a camera with me to document that era of my life, I had so many good times and ended up in some crazy places. Today it's a little more chilled although I still love to go on a mission with my photography. 
I'm married, 2 boys and a crazy cocker spaniel, Bear. He's always with me on a morning mission, running ahead or waiting by my side as I take photo. Bicycles are also a major part of my life. Fixing them, riding them or taking photos of them you'll get me talking if you start a conversation about bikes. 
17th December was a day I took back my life and made moves in a different direction. Check out my personal blog "I left social media". 

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